The Last of the Real Ones Lyrics Meaning

February 13, 2023

the last of the real ones lyrics meaning

When it comes to love, you have to be a special breed. Fall Out Boy's latest single is a smoldering look at the connection of two people who are not like everyone else in the world. It's a harrowing tale of the depth of connection that one can have with another person. The song also explores how hard it can be to hold onto such a relationship, and how important it is to protect the one you love from the hardships of the world.

The song's lyrics describe N (a narrator who is singing to LOTRO) as someone who "is so full of love that it makes your heart break" and who has found love that "has been so pure that a million people have never been with you before." In other words, they're the last of the real ones.

Interestingly, the song doesn't have a clear, simple meaning that can be summed up in a few lines, but it does provide a more complex picture of what's going on inside N's mind. It starts with N telling LOTRO that he or she was alone, emotionally lost until LOTRO came along and made them feel alive again. This is similar to how planets in space spin around the sun without their own will, but LOTRO has a strong power over N that makes them want to stay with him or her.

In the end, N and LOTRO both realize that they are the last of the real ones. That they have the love and courage to keep it going until their names are etched in concrete at the end of time, and they're willing to do everything they can to prove their love.


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