The Foggy Dew Lyrics Meaning

January 8, 2024

The Foggy Dew is a classic Irish folk song that tells the story of an armed insurrection in Ireland in 1916, which was known as the Easter Rising. It is a touching and heartwarming tune that depicts the sacrifices made by Irish people to fight for their independence. It is also a tribute to the brave soldiers who died for their country in the war. The song is a moving tune that has touched many hearts throughout the years, and it has been sung by a wide variety of artists.

In the traditional version of the song, a young girl is frightened by “the foggy dew” (also called “the bugaboo”). She creeps to the roving bachelor for comfort and they make love. The next morning she regrets her actions but he comforts her by saying that the bugaboo has gone away. The couple eventually get married, and they lead happy lives together.

Although this version of the song is not as well-known as other versions, it is still a beautiful rendition that captures the true essence of the story. It also proves that the Foggy Dew lyrics can be interpreted in many ways.

This version was sung by Roy Harris and was recorded at the White Lion folk club in Wherwell, Hampshire, England. It was released on the 1999 WildGoose CD Live at The Lion. This version of the song has a more complete melody than the one by Burl Ives and Benjamin Britten. It is an excellent rendition of this timeless classic that is perfect for anyone who enjoys listening to folk songs.


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