The Eagles Wasted Time Lyrics Meaning

March 7, 2023

eagles wasted time lyrics meaning

If you're a fan of the Eagles, then you've probably heard of their 1976 album Hotel California. The album features many top-notch songs that have shaped their legacy.

"Wasted Time" is a track from that album that closes side one of the record. It's a song that is a product of a breakup between lead vocalist Don Henley and his girlfriend Loree Rodkin.

The lyrics in this song are about how a woman can learn from a broken relationship and how the experience will help her in future relationships. It's not a love song but it is a very interesting and insightful one.

Another interesting fact about this song is that it was written by Glenn Frey himself. He wrote the song after he had been in a failed relationship with his wife and was trying to come up with something to express his feelings about it.

He also had a lot of regrets about the relationship and was trying to make it better for the both of them. He was a very talented writer and had an incredible voice, so it's no surprise that he had a great song.

In the end, it turned out to be a really good song and a lot of people loved it. The song has become a classic and is still played on the radio today, so it's definitely worth listening to. It's a very important piece of music that deserves to be heard.


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