The Cars Magic Lyrics Meaning

March 8, 2023

the cars magic lyrics meaning

The cars magic lyrics meaning

A band like the Cars have a pretty unique talent for chugging out incredibly catchy rock & roll songs. There's no question that they were one of the first big bands in the 1980s to prove that you can make a pop record with a simple, streamlined sound and still be a success (and not just for their commercial appeal).

It's not just the Cars themselves who have a knack for crafting memorable hits: there are also lots of other musicians out there who could do the same. For example, keyboardist James Hawkes was a huge part of the Cars' musical persona, bringing his unique, inventive touch to many songs, including this song from 1979's Candy-O.

The lyrics of this song are all about one night stands. Essentially the lyrics are saying that one night stands can change your life, and you can never get back the money or love you've lost.

They're also saying that if you have a good relationship, things will work out. But you can't control how your relationship develops, so it's better to be honest about the way you feel and have some openness about what's going on in your life.

There's no question that this is a fun, upbeat song, but the lyrics are actually quite serious and it can be hard to read into them without hearing the song. It's also a song that could be about any number of topics, including one night stands, so it's not really the best track to use as a basis for this list.


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