The Boy in the Bubble Lyrics Meaning

February 13, 2023

boy in the bubble lyrics meaning

When you hear a song that involves bubbles, you're likely to think of a bunch of fun and optimistic things. And while you'll be able to find plenty of songs about this fun and interesting concept, there are also some that are much more serious in nature.

The Boy in the Bubble Lyrics Meaning

Alec Benjamin has recently released his debut album Narrated for You and "Boy in the Bubble" is a standout track on it. This song is about a young boy being bullied and his response to the situation.

In the song, the bully tries to intimidate the young boy with a large astronaut helmet, but the boy defends himself. He gets beaten up, but he recovers and runs home.

Then in the song, Benjamin introduces the bully's unpleasant home life and tells us that he has an alcoholic father, which makes him very angry. He also describes the bully's tendency to drown his problems in whiskey bubbles, just like his dad does.

There's a lot at home that he's dealing with because his father is drunk all the time, but there's no excuse for the bully's bad actions. The bully's innocence was already lost when he saw what was happening at his house, and the last verse of the song says that the guy will one day say to him, "Put down those bubbles and that belt buckle in this broken bubble."

The bubble-related metaphors in these lyrics may be more than just a nice metaphor for this song; they are a representation of what could happen to you if you are faced with a difficult situation. And just like bubbles can burst or rise, you may be able to do better if you can put your mind to it.


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