The Archer - Taylor Swift Meaning

March 7, 2023

the archer taylor swift meaning

"Taylor Swift has dropped a new song called "The Archer" from her upcoming album Lover. The track is the fifth on the album, and the singer teased that it was a "really emotional" one for her.

Taylor Swift's lyrics are often cryptic, but there's some Easter eggs and thoughts to go around about this song. The arrows on her music videos and social media were an early hint of the release, but what exactly are we talking about in this lyric?

The archer is a mystical figure, and the song is all about Swift reflecting on her past mistakes. It's a sultry, ambient track that features dense synthesizers and a steady beat.

Despite its calm, ethereal sound, the song is actually a pretty heavy one, as Swift reflects on her past and how she's changed over the years. This could be in reference to her reputation era, when she was constantly in trouble with the press, or her Lover age, when she grew up and finally understood who she was.

Another line that's worth a look is, "I can see through you/You can see through me." This could mean that other people can know what Taylor is really like and that she can't hide her true self from them anymore.

This can also mean that she's finally coming to terms with her own flaws, which has been a struggle since she became famous.

She's a strong-willed and determined woman, but she's also quite emotional. She's able to let her feelings out, but sometimes she doesn't realize how much damage it can do.


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