That's When, Bigger Than the Whole Sky, Sweet Nothing and More From Taylor Swift's Album "Reputation"

March 7, 2023

thats when taylor swift meaning

Taylor Swift has been a fan favorite for years, and her music is full of themes and stories that make you want to be in a relationship. That's why it's no surprise that her newest album, "Reputation," contains several songs about love and relationships.

That's When

That's When is a song that Taylor wrote for her sophomore album Fearless. She re-recorded it and recruited Keith Urban for the track. It's a country pop song that reflects on the aftermath of a breakup.

The chorus features a line that says, "You're just like the rest of us / And it's time to let go of the past." It's a powerful lyric that shows how much Taylor cares for her ex and wants them to be happy again.

This is a very relatable song that's perfect for fans who are currently in a relationship. The lyrics describe the feeling of wanting to get back together but also feel sad when you think about how long it took them to fall in love and how hard they had to work.

Bigger Than the Whole Sky

The title of this song makes it sound like it's about a new love that's bigger than Taylor's previous one. It's a beautiful reminder that there are still plenty of people out there who are worth chasing, but you have to keep your eyes open for them.

Sweet Nothing

This song is a romantic love letter to the one you love and it's perfect for those who are getting married. It's a great addition to a wedding playlist, and the lyrics "you're in the kitchen humming" are reminiscent of many of Taylor's other songs that have referenced couples dancing around the kitchen and new beginnings.


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