That's Something Lyrics Meaning

November 18, 2023

Something is an adjective that denotes an unspecified or indefinite thing. It can also be used to refer to something that is quite impressive or remarkable. Hence, it is used in the expressions like “that’s something” or “something of an artist”.

The first lyric depicts the emotions of the singer who is in love with his lover. He wants to move ahead with the relationship but is unable to do so as he feels that his lover is not responding or paying attention to him. This is heartbreaking for the singer and it makes him feel small. He is willing to take any risks for the relationship but he needs some recognition or acceptance from his lover. He is not able to express his feelings and is at the brink of giving up on the relationship. He wants his lover to say something to him in order to save their relationship.

The lyrics of the song are powerful and evoke various emotions in the listeners. It was written by George Harrison, a former member of the legendary band The Beatles. The song was a tribute to his wife Pattie Boyd and encapsulated the exquisite blend of excitement, vulnerability, and devotion that is experienced in a romantic relationship. The song was a hit and has been a classic in the world of music ever since its release in 1969. The lyrics of the song have touched the hearts of many people and inspired them to explore their own relationship.


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