Tesla Meaning of the Name

March 7, 2023

tesla meaning of the name

Tesla Meaning

The name "Tesla" has a meaning that is associated with a lot of creativity and imagination. It is derived from the name Nikola Tesla, who is a famous Serbian-American inventor that contributed to the field of electricity supply systems and alternating current.

People with the name "Tesla" are very expressive and cheerful by nature. They have the ability to persuade others easily. They are also prone to extroversion and are always up for a party or any kind of social events.

They have a great sense of humor and love to spend time with friends. They also have a good talent in painting and dancing.

Their personalities are very charming and they have a dazzling smile on their face. They are also very good at leading any organizations or teams.


According to linguistic experts, the correct way to pronounce the name of the company is by using a soft sounding "s" instead of the hard sounding "z". It is also known as an unvoiced s.

It is pronounced like this in many other Serbo-Croation languages: (Tessla). In these languages, the second part of the name is spelled as tesla (Tess-la). However, in English it is spelled as Tesla.

The name was originally chosen by Martin Eberhard, who is the founder and CEO of the electric car company. He chose the name after months of unsuccessful pitches, according to Business Insider. The name was a tribute to Nikola Tesla, the Serbian-American inventor who developed AC motors that are used in electric cars.


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