Taylor Swift's "Willow Meaning" Revealed

March 7, 2023

willow meaning taylor swift

Ever since Taylor Swift released her surprise album Evermore last week, fans have been desperate to figure out what all the songs mean. Luckily, she's been keeping us busy with plenty of easter eggs and clues to help us figure it out.

The first song to get a lot of attention from the fans is "Willow," the lead single from her latest album. It's a love song that reads more or less like a conventional one, but there are a few key details that have Swift's fans talking.

Willow Meaning

The song seems to be centered around Taylor's relationship with her current boyfriend, Joe Alwyn. While she's never been as open about her relationship with the actor, she has mentioned it on her Instagram bio several times and even penned "Willow" to him back in 2016.

Willow Verse

The chorus of the song begins with a simple "Willow." Swift compares her romantic life to the branches of a willow tree in terms of her being malleable in her lover's hands. The trees are typically susceptible to wind, but they have a strong root system that keeps them standing tall in the face of storms.


While the lyrics of "Willow" do seem to have a lot to do with Taylor's relationship with Joe, there are also some other interesting lyrical gems that can be found in the track. These lyrical gems include a few references to the Lover and a few other things that aren't entirely clear.


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