Taylor Swift's "The Archer" Meaning Revealed

February 6, 2023

the archer taylor swift meaning

Taylor Swift just dropped her fifth single from her upcoming album Lover, titled "The Archer." If you're a fan of the pop icon's music, you know that she has a habit of making track five on her albums (like "Delicate," or "All Too Well") particularly emotional and vulnerable.

This song, however, is a bit different from her previous tracks on Lover. It's a dreamy synth-pop number with some pretty raw lyrics.

A lot of the lyrics in this song deal with relationships. The first verse describes how easily Taylor can attract people and then drive them away. She also says she's a "sooner to jump off" and she's not able to commit to a relationship.

The next verse goes on to describe how she's been a victim of betrayal and how she often makes negative changes in her life. She also says she's a 'prey' to those who are stronger than her and that she doesn't even know what to do about it.

She goes on to say that she wants to "hold on" to her lover, but that her 'combative' disposition could lead to them being enemies. She then adds that she's ready for the fight.


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