Taylor Swift's Song "Enchanted" Has a Deep Meaning

March 7, 2023

enchanted taylor swift meaning

When it comes to Taylor Swift, fans know that a lot of her songs are dedicated to specific people in her life. These are often the ones who helped her experience true love or those who broke her heart.

Her most popular song about love is enchanted which was released in 2010 as part of her album Speak Now. The track has a deep meaning that many fans are still not fully aware of.

A sweeping romantic ballad, "Enchanted" is about Taylor's unrealized crush on Owl City singer Adam Young. She wrote the song based on an encounter she had with the musician, but the two never dated.

The song has a unique production that sets it apart from other songs by Taylor. This is because it features a half-length pre-chorus between the first and second verses, which isn't typical for a pop song. The instrumentals are more intense and the melodies and harmonies change a lot throughout the song.

This is where her voice really shines, with the harmonies being very powerful. The acoustic guitar crescendos in the middle of each refrain give the track a power ballad feel that makes it a great choice for a love song.

Another nice thing about this song is the lyrics, which are quite beautiful and reminiscent of a fairy tale. They're describing how she felt a rush of energy when she met her Prince Charming, and that he was able to melt away the emptiness she had inside.


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