Taylor Swift's Red Song Meaning Revealed

March 8, 2023


Taylor Swift has been one of the most well-known and beloved musicians in recent years, but she hasn't always had a reputation for being a great songwriter. With her re-release of her 2012 album Red last month, Swift is now widely regarded as a strong lyricist with a unique style and voice.

She also has a knack for writing deep, emotional cuts that hit right at the heart of her listeners' pain and sadness. The first single off the new version of Red, "Bigger Than the Whole Sky," is no exception.

It's unclear who the song is about, but it's possible it could be a reference to a recent breakup or a friend's death. And if you're in that situation, you know how hard it can be to say goodbye.


“State of Grace” opens with the familiar phrase, “Love doesn't count after goodbye.” It's easy to assume this is about a relationship that ended after one night. The lyrics, however, aren't as straightforward: They're full of phrases that might mean different things.

For instance, the word "never" is repeated multiple times throughout the song. This could either be a subtle hint that she's not ready to move on from her ex (which is a common theme in her music), or it might be a reference to Jake Gyllenhaal, her (allegedly) short-lived boyfriend and former fiancee.

She also references her astrological sign in the lyrics, which might be another clue to who she's singing about. She's a Sagittarius, and Gyllenhaal is a blue-eyed Sagittarius as well.


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