Taylor Swift's "No Body, No Crime" Collaboration With HAIM

February 6, 2023

taylor swift no body no crime meaning

The sixth track off Taylor Swift's surprise quarantine album evermore, "No Body, No Crime" collaborates with HAIM and tells the story of a woman who was killed for confronting her husband about his infidelity. It's also a song about female rage, which is something that Swift has been known to write about in her songs before.

Fans are guessing that the missing woman in this story is inspired by the 1938 disappearance of a 4-year-old girl named Marjorie West from Pennsylvania, according to The Guardian. The case drew attention from national media and caused a flurry of speculation.

Another fan theory suggests that this song might be a nod to Dorothea West, the sister of Marjorie and whose disappearance sparked an enormous search. It's a creepy and mysterious tale that has yet to be confirmed by either the HAIM sisters or Swift herself, but it's certainly interesting.

HAIM has been a close friend of Swift's since their debut in 2015, when she opened for them on her album Days Are Gone. She's had a close relationship with the band's three sisters, Este, Danielle and Alana, for years.

This is the first time that the three Haim sisters have been involved in a Taylor Swift song. After the release of evermore, they shared a video of themselves eating Olive Garden and listening to the track, which is how they came up with the idea for the lyrics.

The song is a murder ballad with noir-inspired lyrics that follow Este as she discovers her husband's infidelity and then goes missing. Despite the fact that she cannot prove that her husband murdered her, she still decides to avenge his death by killing him and framing her mistress.


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