Taylor Swift's New Song, "Renegade", Is a Lament For a Relationship That's Gone Wrong

January 8, 2023

"Renegade" was written by Taylor Swift and Aaron Dessner. It's the first collaborative song from both artists, and the first to be released by Big Red Machine. The song is a fusion of the alternative and folk styles that are prevalent on the two artists' 2020 albums.

The lyrics of the song mirror one of the most famous Taylor Swift songs, "Call it What You Want," which was from her album, Reputation. However, "Renegade" is more of a lament for a relationship that's gone wrong.

Taylor Swift says that sometimes issues like anxiety and self-esteem can take a toll on relationships. In this case, she's not only upset about her boyfriend's impulsiveness, but also frustrated that he doesn't want to give his all to their relationship.

Taylor Swift is no stranger to collaborations, and the 2020 songs she wrote with Bon Iver's Justin Vernon were no exception. On the track "Exile", for example, the pair performed background vocals and instrumental tracks. This is a departure from the usual folk-based sound of Swift's 2020 albums, though.

Taylor Swift's new song, "Renegade," blends indie pop and folk styles. Written by Swift and Dessner, it's a tale about someone who is exhausted by a relationship.

During the making of the song, Swift and Dessner recorded it in three different locations. The video is directed by Michael Brown and features the two singers. As with the song, the video is a combination of text and imagery.


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