Taylor Swift's New Song "Marjorie" Has a Metaphysical Meaning

March 7, 2023

marjorie meaning taylor swift

Marjorie is a name that pops up quite a bit in the Swift world. She’s a nickname for her mother, Andrea Swift, and has even been used by Taylor herself in some songs, as evidenced by the song “Marjorie” from her latest surprise album Evermore.


While the song may have been released to celebrate her grandmother’s upcoming birthday, it also has an interesting metaphysical aspect to it. As Swift notes in the song, it’s possible that Marjorie still visits her from time to time. And, of course, the lyrical references to her advice and her memory hold an interesting metaphysical connection as well.

The track is a tribute to Swift’s late grandmother and opera singer Marjorie Finlay, who died in 2003. The song features bits of advice that Finlay gave to her granddaughter and is a heartfelt ode to a woman who was a significant part of Swift’s life.

Taylor Swift is a songwriter, so it’s no surprise that she likes to write about the people she loves. Her recent albums have included plenty of tracks about longtime boyfriend Joe Alwyn, her mother, and even the eccentric heiress Rebekah Harkness.

The newest song from her album Evermore, "marjorie," has been trending on Twitter for all the right reasons. Unlike other tracks on the album, "marjorie" isn’t about her grandfather Dean Swift or the Battle of Guadalcanal, but instead about Taylor’s grandmother, who’s been an important figure in her life for years. As Swift notes in the lyrics, the ode is a tribute to Marjorie and to her love for Taylor.


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