Taylor Swift's New Single "Mr Perfectly Fine"

March 7, 2023

mr perfectly fine taylor swift meaning

Taylor Swift just released a new song that's sure to make the internet go crazy. It's called "Mr Perfectly Fine," and it's one of the six songs she's releasing from her vault as part of her Fearless (Taylor's Version) re-recording project.

Fans instantly started speculating who this song was about, and the most popular theory is that it's about Joe Jonas, her ex-boyfriend. In 2008, Swift had a pretty public breakup with Joe, and the lyrics of this song seem to reference him, along with her feelings after the relationship ended.

It's also a very Swiftian song about a guy who says all the right things to her before she gets to know him, only to change his mind and break her heart. A few of Swift's exes from that time came to mind for inspiration, but Jonas has been the most popular guess so far.

The lyric of the song is very similar to her hit track, “All Too Well,” which was written years after Fearless was released. It's a very passionate and emotional ballad that is often regarded as one of Swift's best.

This song was definitely written around the time of her breakup with Jonas, which is why it's a pretty good indicator that it could be about him. Moreover, it is a very powerful song that has a country flare to it.

Regardless of who the song is about, it's a great track and definitely worth listening to. The lyrics are quite relatable and it's a very powerful song that you can listen to on repeat.


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