Taylor Swift's Meaning - Clean

February 6, 2023

clean taylor swift meaning


Taylor Swift is one of the most accomplished singer-songwriters in the world. She has crafted songs that speak to a wide range of emotions, including anger, love and sadness. She often shares her life experiences as inspiration for her music.

Her most recent album, 1989, is full of songs that relate to getting over a past relationship. In particular, the song “Clean” focuses on moving on from a toxic relationship.

It’s easy to see how the lyrics could be relatable for anyone who’s been through a tough breakup or tried to move on from something that had negatively affected their life. Ultimately, Swift wants to be clean and clear of whatever was holding her back.

She’s also been a fan of the Buddhist concept of karma, and that appears to be reflected in her song “Karma.”

The track features a lighthearted singsong over a jaunty synthpop tune. It’s easy to imagine Swift dreaming of a karmic payback for those who abused her or stole her hard-earned cash.

However, there’s some controversy surrounding the song. Some fans believe that the song is about her relationship with actor Jake Gyllenhaal, who she dated in 2010 before splitting up.

Another theory is that “Maroon” is a darker take on her 2012 album Red, which she released when she was 21. Several songs from Red, like “We Are Never Getting Back Together,” are rumored to be about her time with Gyllenhaal.

In any case, it’s a witty song that shows Swift’s unique writing style. It’s no surprise she’s received a ton of attention for the track.


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