Taylor Swift's "Ivy" Lyrics

February 6, 2023

ivy lyrics taylor swift meaning

Taylor Swift's ivy lyrics meaning

"Ivy" is one of the most beautiful songs on her album Evermore, and its meaning has been a source of debate among fans. It's rumored to have been inspired by the love affair of Emily Dickinson with her childhood friend Sue Gilbert. In fact, the Apple TV+ series based on Dickinson's life features a song similar to this one.

The first verse of this song uses a few poetic devices to convey the narrator's emotions. It begins with a description of a graveyard, where the narrator visits her lover's gravestone. This suggests that the narrator is grieving for her lost lover, and that she's waiting for them to return to her.

She goes on to describe her lover's touch as incandescent, which is a metaphor for warmth and passion. It also implies that her pain is cradled in his hand. However, she can't make her lover warm or her lover's touch can't make her warm, which makes it difficult to determine the meaning of this line.

Ultimately, this song is about a married woman who has fallen in love with another man. It's also a song that addresses the fear of her husband discovering her affair.

As a result, this song is a beautiful and powerful look at love, adultery, and the emotions behind it. It's not the type of song that you'd expect from a country-pop singer, but it's still a great track. It's a good choice for those who are looking to listen to music while getting some work done, or if you need some background music on your commute.


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