Taylor Swift's "From the Vault" Tracks Revealed

March 7, 2023

from the vault taylor swift meaning

From the Vault

During Taylor Swift's recent album re-recordings, she's been unearthing songs from her vault that weren't included on her original albums. These songs are called 'from the vault' tracks and they've become one of the most exciting parts of her re-recordings.

"All Too Well" is one of the first "from the vault" tracks to be released in the re-recording of her fourth studio album Red, and it's quickly become a fan favorite. It's a surprisingly poignant track that speaks to the way Swift can truly narrate her most heart-wrenching breakups.

The lyrics of the song are particularly moving, as Swift ponders the decision her ex Jake Gyllenhaal made to leave her when she wasn't ready for it. It's a resonating line that resonates with many Swifties, especially those who have been in a similar situation.

It's also a beautiful song, with Max Martin and Antonoff providing the perfect sonic backdrop for Swift's voice to take center stage. '80s prom-inspired synths and instrumentation send this "all too well" breakup ballad into the stratosphere.

Another 'from the vault' track that got fans excited is a song called "Ronan." This tear-jerking tune, which was written during her time in New Zealand and is reportedly about a "love affair" with a boy, has been pulled up on Spotify by lots of Swifties.

It's a heartbreaking song that's sure to make some of Swift's fans rethink their relationship with their significant other. As long as the song isn't a total waste, it could be one of her most popular tracks yet.


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