Taylor Swift's Enchanted Meaning

March 7, 2023

taylor swift enchanted meaning

Taylor Swift's "Enchanted" meaning is a power ballad from her 2010 album Speak Now.

The song is about an unrealized crush and a one night love affair.

It is a great song that tells the story of Taylor falling in love with someone and wishing it was more than just a one night affair, but a full-blown romance. It is a beautiful song and it has become a favourite among fans.

The song is about infatuation with someone and worrying that they will never see you again and that they are in love with someone else. It is also a good song for girls who are hopeless romantics and believe that love should happen at first sight.

About the Music

The song consists of quieter instrumentals and vocals during the verses, with a softer tone and a more romantic sound. The choruses are a little more upbeat and energetic with the use of guitars and more singing. The choruses also contain a harmony-layered coda that is very powerful and adds to the impact of the song.

About the Song Lyrics

The lyrics of the song are very romantic and magical, with words like wonderstruck, enchanted, and fairy tale. The song is a beautiful and heartfelt song that has been loved by many fans around the world.

About the Music Video

The music video of the song is also very beautiful and eerie with the use of clock imagery. It also has a lot of references to her previous albums, especially Speak Now, which is why it has been heavily speculated that it is an Easter egg to her new album release of Red (Taylor's Version).
The music video was shot on the 12 year anniversary of Speak Now and the music video is in a similar style to the stage production for her Speak Now tour. Eagle eyed fans were also able to notice that Taylor Swift wears a cape in the video.


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