Taylor Swift's Cornelia Street Townhouse Is Now Available to Rent

February 6, 2023

cornelia street taylor swift meaning

If you’ve ever been tormented by the thought of losing your love, Taylor Swift’s latest song, “Cornelia Street,” will strike a chord. The song, which appears on her 2019 album Lover, focuses on the start of a relationship that started at a place named Cornelia Street in New York City’s Greenwich Village.

During the chorus, Swift admits that she would never be able to walk down Cornelia Street again if her relationship ended. It’s likely the singer is referring to her current boyfriend, English actor Joe Alwyn.

While Swift has left a few Easter eggs related to her romance with Alwyn throughout her music, it’s this track that fans have become most obsessed with. As Insider previously reported, the singer rented a townhouse on Cornelia Street in 2016, and it’s believed that this is where she met Alwyn.

The townhouse she rented is now available to rent in Manhattan for $45,000 a month, and it’s a dream property that’s sure to impress die-hard Swifties. It boasts five luxurious bathrooms, double-height living space and a jaw-dropping indoor pool.

In addition to the townhouse’s luxurious features, it’s also incredibly private. It features a gated courtyard and garage, according to People.

The songwriter reportedly stayed in the property for several months while she was renovating her Tribeca apartment. During that time, she met and began dating Alwyn. So it’s safe to assume that she still has a lot of sentimental feelings for the place she rented there.


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