Taylor Swift's Betty Song Meaning Revealed

March 7, 2023

taylor swift betty song meaning

Taylor Swift recently released her eighth studio album, 'Folklore' and it instantly caused a storm of speculation among fans. Some of these theories centered on the meaning behind various songs, like 'Cardigan' and 'Invisible String'.

After the release of 'Folklore', 'Betty' became one of Taylor Swift's most popular tracks with many fans asking where it came from. But after some time, she finally revealed the song's name and explained how it all came together.

The song is a part of a trilogy that ties together three songs, which all depict a teenage love triangle. These three songs include "cardigan", "august", and "betty" all narrated from different perspectives of the characters involved in the love triangle.

'Betty' is a song that tells the story of a boy named James who has fallen in love with a girl from his school called Betty. In the song, he apologizes to her after cheating on her with another girl.

It's a heartbreaking and yet realistic story, which shows the maturity that Swift has grown since she was a teenager. It's also a rare apologetic song in Swift's catalogue, and reveals how she has learned to live with her mistakes.

The lyrics of 'Betty' can be interpreted in a number of ways, but the most popular option is to interpret it as a queer anthem. This is because of the fact that Taylor Swift has been open about her own sexuality in the past, so it's natural for her to write about queer relationships in her music.


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