Taylor Swift Tolerate It Meaning - 3 Different Interpretations

March 7, 2023

taylor swift tolerate it meaning

Taylor Swift is known for her exceptional talent when it comes to crafting songs with touching lyrics. But, what some fans may not know is that many of her songs also have a cryptic meaning behind them.

This is especially true with taylor swift tolerate it meaning, which has some fans convinced that the song has royal ties. As a result, they’re coming up with a variety of interpretations for the lyrics.

First, some fans believe that the song is a satire of a woman who spent her money lavishly on things that brought her happiness but inconvenienced others. They think that Taylor is referring to Rebekah Harkness, the former owner of her mansion on Rhodes Island.

Second, some people believe that the song is a metaphor for a queer romance. The song starts out with a lyric that says, “I love you like a glitch in the system,” which is a reference to the term “queerness.”

Third, some fans believe that the song is about her relationship with Scooter Braun. It’s not uncommon for a singer to have a relationship with a celebrity, and this is no different for Swift. She made a career out of her music, but it seems as though Scooter Braun, who acquired the masters of her first six albums, betrayed her and pushed her into hiding her sexuality.

Regardless of your interpretation, this song is definitely a sad one and has a lot to say about relationships. It’s about love, but it’s also about fear and uncertainty.


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