Taylor Swift - State of Grace Meaning

February 6, 2023

taylor swift state of grace meaning

Taylor Swift is re-recording all of her older albums, including her iconic 2012 album Red. But she's not stopping there. She's also releasing a few new tracks to fans, and one of them is called "State of Grace."

This song has an allusion to religious salvation related symbolism that Swift uses throughout the album as she says: "For most of my life I've been alone / And I've fallen in love but it's left me scarred / And I've loved people I shouldn't have / And now I've found perfect, fated, saving love with this person."

Another allusion to this track is a lyric about Jake Gyllenhaal, Swift's former boyfriend who also has blue eyes like hers. In fact, the lyric states: "Just twin fire signs, four blue eyes."

Several other songs on this album hint at her relationship with Jake and the reason it ended. For example, the line: “He never turned up to my 21st birthday” is a hint at her age gap with Gyllenhaal.

This song is a bit of a departure from her usual country pop style and has a much more rock sound. It also has religious aspects, such as the word “state of grace.” The song has received acclaim from music critics. It was released as a promotional single for the album Red and was produced by Nathan Chapman.


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