Taylor Swift Seven Lyrics Meaning Song Review - All the Hidden Hints and Easter Eggs in Her New Album

February 13, 2023

taylor swift seven lyrics meaning song review

Taylor Swift seven lyrics meaning song review: all the hidden hints and Easter eggs in her new album

When the release date for her latest album Midnights rolled around, many of her fans were excited to get their hands on it. Unlike her previous two albums -- which featured fictional tales -- Midnights is a return to an intensely autobiographical Taylor, making it ripe for fanatic analysis.

Lyrics on the record are extremely personal, and the album is full of evocative themes that make it feel like a very special record indeed. Here are some of the most important lyrical reveals:

A Girl's Doll

In "a girl's doll," Swift revisits her recurring obsession with fairy tales and fantasy, and this time, she's bringing it back to the real world. In this track, she reflects on her childhood friendship with a girl who worked as a servant and had very few possessions.

She's angry about her masters' treatment and she wants to just rage, but she's afraid that it will ruin her plans for her life. She tries to calm herself by looking at a picture of her friend in her closet, but the image just doesn't seem to go away.

"I Know Places"

As we already mentioned, this song revisits the claustrophobia Swift felt in "Out of the Woods." She compares onlookers to vultures and hunters, and her relationship with her lover as a fragile "little flame." In the verse, she says, "We don't want to stay in the same places," which makes it clear that she and her lover will do anything to protect their relationship from prying eyes.


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