Taylor Swift - Ronan Meaning

March 7, 2023

taylor swift  ronan meaning

A song about a little boy named Ronan is making waves on Taylor Swift’s new album. It’s a song she wrote based on a blog that a Scottsdale mom writes about her son’s battle with cancer.

taylor swift - ronan meaning

It’s a sad story that will make you cry, but it’s also one that’s filled with hope and love. It’s the story of Ronan Thompson, a four-year-old boy who died in 2011 from neuroblastoma. He was diagnosed with the disease in 2010 and his mom, Maya Thompson, started a blog titled “Rockstar Ronan,” where she writes about her son’s illness and how to cope with grief.

taylor swift’s song about Ronan is incredibly special

Swift originally released the single in September 2012 for Stand Up to Cancer, a semi-annual telethon that benefits American Association for Cancer Research. She co-wrote the track with Maya Thompson, the mother of the boy who inspired it.

red (taylor swift version)

In 2021, Swift re-released Red on Republic Records, and included one of her 2012 songs as a bonus track called "Ronan." It's not a song from the original album, but it’s a song she wrote about Ronan Thompson and that's just as important to her as it was to her back in 2012. The re-recording was aptly titled 'Ronan' because of the story behind it.

taylor swift’s re-release of red is getting lots of attention on social media. The album features all of the songs from her 2012 album as well as a handful of songs that didn’t appear on it.


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