Taylor Swift Means to Rent a House on Cornelia Street in New York City

March 7, 2023

cornelia street taylor swift meaning

Taylor Swift is a successful singer and songwriter, who has released a number of hit songs over the years. She has a reputation for writing songs about her life experiences, and her latest song, "Cornelia Street," is no exception.

In the song, Taylor mentions that she rented a place on Cornelia Street in New York City, and it's a location she's familiar with. She reportedly rented the townhouse in the West Village area of NYC between 2016 and 2017 while her Tribeca apartment was being renovated.

The home features four bedrooms and five bathrooms, as well as a double-height living space with a grand Murano glass Chandelier. It also has a private garden, indoor pool and gym.

It was rented to Swift by a former Soho House executive, David Aldea. He said he didn't know who she was when she first approached him about renting the property, but once she moved in, it became clear that she had an eye for design.

He says the townhouse was a "pretty big deal" for her. It even sparked a security scare once, but he says she was always an absolute delight to deal with.

The house has a lot of character, and it's no surprise that the singer rented it for a while in New York City. It's a stunning, 5,500-square-foot property with tons of amenities. It even has a terrace overlooking Manhattan's West Village.


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