Taylor Swift Means Happiness

March 7, 2023

happiness taylor swift meaning

Taylor Swift is a woman who has experienced a lot of pain and heartbreak. This is why her music carries an important message for those who are struggling to cope with their own difficult situations.


One of the most prominent themes on Swift's latest album, evermore, is dealing with a breakup. She admits that she still misses her ex, but she is trying to move on and find happiness again.

Her lyrics are incredibly poignant and empathetic, and her songs about loss are among the most beautiful she's ever written. This is especially true of the track "Bigger Than the Whole Sky," which addresses a miscarriage that happened in her family.

The song is a metaphor for how a breakup can make you feel like you're living in a forest. But when you get a little higher up the branches, it's easier to see the beauty around you and find hope again.

It’s a great example of how she has the ability to take something that has been devastating and turn it into something positive. She is able to use her music to help other people process their hardships, which makes her a powerful voice for those who are struggling with depression and other similar conditions.

She is also able to bring her fans along with her as she undergoes these hardships. This is why her songs are so popular and have helped a huge number of people in the world.


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