Taylor Swift Meaning

January 8, 2023

"Forever Winter" is a song written by Taylor Swift. It was released on 12 November 2021. The song has been featured on the singer's latest album, Midnights. This is the first autobiographical album for Swift since Lover. Among other things, it focuses on Swift's life in 13 sleepless nights.

The song may not be about romance per se, but it does touch on the concept of coping with a mental health crisis. The narrator makes an interesting suggestion: "I'm gonna help you through this." But the true test is whether the boy will be willing to seek out assistance.

Several years ago, Taylor Swift wrote a song called "Ronan," which was about the death of a young boy, who died of cancer. In this case, it was a pretty clever lyric. That might explain why "Forever Winter" is also about a deceased loved one.

Aside from "Ronan," Taylor also wrote a song about her friend Jeff Lang, who passed away at age 21. It was no surprise that she included a tribute to the departed in her new album, but it was surprising to see that "Forever Winter" is a song about Jeff.

However, the "Forever Winter" song is not merely a prank. It's actually a heartfelt message about how complicated our relationships can be. Those involved can't just get through to each other without some huffing and puffing. So, "Forever Winter" is about something more than just grief. Unlike its predecessor, it is about the nuances of a love affair.


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