Taylor Swift Meaning - What Does "Gold Rush" Mean?

January 8, 2023

"Gold Rush" is a song from Taylor Swift's ninth studio album, "Evermore" (released in 2020). The song features Jack Antonoff as a producer and is the third track on the album. It's a very pop-py song that has a cinematic feel.

The first verse describes a guy who is "gold mine" for Taylor. She is very attracted to him and blushes when she's in his presence. This person has a gold stamped on his chest and seems to be her ultimate dream guy.

But at the end of the song, the relationship doesn't work. There is a moment where Taylor realizes that Harry Styles isn't the right guy for her. Her feelings are reminiscent of many other girls who are attracted to the same guy. And it's obvious that she doesn't take it seriously.

Another verse describes a girl who is looking through rose colored glasses. As she tries to figure out why she doesn't like him, Taylor mentions that her "stuff" is "gilded". Perhaps she doesn't want to get sentimentally vulnerable. In the lyrics, she also compares Gold Rush to many other people who want the same person.

Taylor Swift has a lot of love-themed songs on her new album. So it's not surprising that fans are speculating about the meaning of "Gold Rush" and what it could mean for Harry Styles.

Many fans believe that "Gold Rush" is a love song about Harry Styles. They think that he is a very good looking man and that it would be hard for her to be attracted to him.


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