Taylor Swift Meaning - The Lyrics of Willow

March 7, 2023

willow taylor swift meaning

If you’re a fan of Taylor Swift, you may have heard about her latest single, “Willow.” This song is the lead single from her recent album, Evermore. It was released on 11 December 2020.

The lyrics to this song seem to be about her boyfriend Joe Alwyn, who is also featured in the music video. Many fans are taking this song as a sign that Swift secretly got married to her boyfriend.

In addition to this, the music video features a lot of mystical elements. One particular scene seems to be a reference to folklore.

For example, it shows Swift in a pond, surrounded by willow trees. She focuses her attention on the water, but then a man appears next to her in her reflection.

This is a very romantic and heart-wrenching part of the video. It reveals that Swift was in love with her boyfriend at first sight and that she is still very much enamored of him today.

The lyrics also show that she is very malleable and can be easily molded by her lover. This is a very uncommon sentiment among contemporary female singers.

She can be very emotional and vulnerable, and this is a sign that she loves her fans incredibly. She is a kind person, and she has often done charitable work to help people in need.

The lyrics of “Willow” are about intrigue and desire, and how complicated it is to want someone. It’s also about love, and how it can be life-changing. It’s a very powerful song, and it’s definitely worth listening to if you are a fan of Taylor Swift.


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