Taylor Swift Meaning Revealed

February 6, 2023

gorgeous taylor swift meaning

Taylor Swift's latest song, "Gorgeous," has thrown fans into a frenzy. The bouncy synth-pop cut has the internet wondering what it is about and who it is supposed to be about.

The song starts off with a baby voice saying “gorgeous.” It’s rumored to be Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds’ oldest child, James. The songstress told fans at her secret album listening sessions that she penned the lyrics to “Gorgeous” with her go-to producers Max Martin and Shellback.

It’s about a guy she admires but knows is a double-edged sword. She recognizes his magnetic pull and can feel dizzy around him, but she also feels jealous of his girlfriend. She’s frustrated that she can’t get close to him and is afraid he’ll leave her alone.

She says he’s so beautiful that he makes her feel like she might sink and drown in his ocean blue eyes. She’s so head over heels in love that she can’t stop herself from pursuing him, even if he’s not with her.

This is a pretty common theme in Taylor Swift’s songs. She tries her hardest not to reveal what she’s singing about, but the song titles and music videos often lead people to think she’s talking about a specific person or relationship.

For example, when she released "Look What You Made Me Do," fans spent hours deciphering the song's meaning and creating theories. They wrote things like, “Taylor Swift is about to cheat on her current boyfriend Joe Alwyn with Tom Hiddleston in this song.” But BuzzFeed points out that the details don't match up.


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