Taylor Swift Meaning Revealed - Midnights Album Review

March 7, 2023

nothing new taylor swift meaning

Despite her status as a pop icon, Taylor Swift always tackles societal issues with her music. Her latest album Midnights is no exception. It features a number of songs that are extremely autobiographical, making it perfect hunting ground for those who want to sleuth out the meaning behind Swift’s latest music.

The first track to be released off the album is "Nothing New" featuring Phoebe Bridgers. Its lyrical content reveals that Swift has faced many different anxieties over the years, from fame to womanhood.

While 'Nothing New' is an empowering track for women of all ages, it is also a powerful statement against ageism and misogyny in the media. With the help of Bridgers, Taylor is reclaiming her status as an artist and fighting to defy the misogynistic catfight culture that the music industry fuels.

It is a song that addresses aging and the changes that a woman goes through during her twenties and thirties, as well as her feelings of loneliness. It also addresses the fear that some of her fans have about her being 'too old' to be a star and how it can affect their relationship with her.

Another track that tackles a lot of these anxieties is 'The Lucky One'. It tells the story of a singer who rose to fame in Los Angeles and then disappeared from the limelight. The song also reveals that her decisions were made based on personal and emotional considerations rather than purely financial ones.


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