Taylor Swift Meaning - Ivy

March 7, 2023

ivy taylor swift meaning

Ivy Meaning

Taylor Swift's lyrics on "ivy" from her evermore album use the invasive plant ivy to describe her unfaithful lover. In the song, Swift compares her love for her lover to ivy growing on a stone house and how, once it starts to grow, it is nearly impossible to remove.

The narrator also uses the plant as a metaphor to describe her fear of being discovered by her husband. She uses the repeated lines "Ivy is a springtime flower" and “Ivy grows in your heart” to create a sense of anxiety throughout the song.

It's a Queer Relationship

In the lyric, Taylor Swift calls her lover a “glitch.” She uses this word to refer to his sexual attraction. The term is often used in the LGBTQ community to denote a sexual orientation that is not traditionally accepted by society.

Despite the fact that Swift uses this word to describe her lover, the singer is still very vocal about her support of the LGBTQ community. She has even incorporated a bisexual-pride flag in her music video.

It's a Qualified Love Story

The lyrics of this song have sparked a lot of controversy and speculation among fans. Some believe it is a song about an extramarital relationship, while others have argued that the lyrics are not referring to an actual affair but to a lustful relationship.

She is afraid that her lover will be killed or ruined and she can't give him any support because she is married to another person.


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