Taylor Swift Meaning - Is Gold Rush Harry Styles?

March 7, 2023

gold rush taylor swift meaning

A gold rush is when a person finds gold and then there are many people following them and trying to get their share. Taylor uses gold to symbolize true love, and so the idea of a gold rush fits her lyrics perfectly.

In Gold Rush, Taylor talks about a very good looking man that she adores. He’s gorgeous, his hair is perfect, and she loves him so much that she daydreams about spending time with him.

But she realises that it can’t be because his lifestyle isn’t compatible with hers. It would be impossible to have a stable relationship with a man who was this good-looking and had so much love for so many women.

The song is from Taylor Swift’s ninth album evermore, which was released on December 11, 2020. The track is a fan favorite and has a lot of deep lyrics.

Fans have been speculating that this song could be about Harry Styles, who she dated publicly for a few months in 2012. It would make sense considering the fact that Harry has recently released a new song called Golden.

One of the lyrics in this song says “Eagles t-shirt hanging from door.” This has fans thinking that the guy she is talking about is Harry, and this is definitely possible because Taylor has a Philadelphia Eagles T-shirt and they have a pretty good connection.

The line also suggests that Taylor feels like her dreamy relationship with Harry is a gold rush, which means it’s something that only a very select few can be lucky enough to experience. And so she can’t even try to have a long term relationship with him, because it would be too difficult and risky.


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