Taylor Swift Meaning - "Hoax"

January 8, 2023

The song "Hoax" has been a hit for Taylor Swift. It's the song of the year, if you ask us. But what exactly is this sexy song about?

As with most of the songs on Swift's latest album, the lyrics may not be directly about her experience. They are, however, about something else.

In "Hoax", Swift ruminates on her toxic relationship. She admits she's had to work harder than normal to get the other person to see things her way. Even though she knows the person will eventually leave, she doesn't want to lose them.

It's a pretty convoluted song. But it does have a lot of interesting elements.

Its music video is shot in a beautiful forest. It also has an impressive amount of views. This song also comes with a big F-bomb.

It's also not the first time that Swift's awed fans with its most esoteric lyrics. Her previous record, Reputation, features a song titled "Gorgeous," which mentions her daughter James.

"The Great War" is another standout track on her new album. Though it's about a rocky relationship, the song is about finding common ground.

Other notable songs include "The Love Story," which is about losing someone. And "Cardigan," which is about an affair. These songs are all about losing something.

"Hoax," on the other hand, is about a romantic relationship that's a disaster. It's the final track on her new album. It was written and produced by Aaron Dessner and features Taylor singing.


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