Taylor Swift Meaning - "Cowboy Like Me"

January 8, 2023

If you're a fan of the singer/songwriter Taylor Swift, you'll have heard her song, "Cowboy Like Me". This song is one of the most notable on her debut studio album, 1989. It's a love story about two outsiders who stumble into each other and learn that they're not alone.

The narrator describes the other cowboy in a poetic, cinematic way. He admires the other cowboy's ambition and rough edges. While his narrator has no ulterior motive, he knows that the other cowboy is playing a dangerous game.

As a songwriter, Taylor Swift has written numerous songs from a male perspective. However, this song, which co-wrote with Aaron Dessner, reveals that she's not necessarily in sync with her love interest. She may have described her muse as a "frail little flame", or "antithetical dream girl".

While Taylor Swift is not openly gay, she has talked about her past and how she's come out. Her newest album, Evermore, includes some explicit references to the LGBTQ community. For example, she reminisces about the fear of dating for closeted queer people in the song, "I Know Places."

One of the most explicit references in "The Man" is the line, "No rules in breakable heaven." In the Spotify storyline feature, Swift explained the concept of "The Man" as a person who goes against the grain, or goes against the norm.

Another notable queer reference is the line, "When the walls fall down, we'll have no one to blame." During her early years, Swift was involved in shady activities, like swindling old men.


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