Taylor Swift Mad Woman Meaning

March 8, 2023

taylor swift mad woman meaning

Taylor Swift Mad Woman Meaning

The term "mad woman" is a word that is used to describe someone who has a hysterical or emotional attitude. This is a very common phrase that women use to describe themselves, especially when they are angry and upset. It is a very real concern that women who are being mistreated and judged by others can get called crazy. This is a very important issue that should be addressed.

taylor swift mad woman song

The singer has recently released her eighth album, Folklore and the songs in this album have got the attention of her fans. The songs in this album are extremely poetic and contain some of the best lyrics that she has ever written.

Her new album is gaining the support of fans and critics alike as it is being seen as one of her best albums to date. This album is also getting a lot of buzz because of its powerful lyrics that are able to speak against social injustices and misogynistic behaviour.

In the song, taylor swift mad woman she talks about how women are always being ridiculed and judged by people. This is a very common problem that many women face in society. This is why the singer decided to use this as a chance to talk about it.

She says that she has a friend who is a very crazy person and this friend will constantly put her in trouble and make her feel like she is a bad person. She then goes on to say that this person thrives off of people like her and they have a following around them.


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