Taylor Swift Lyrics - Run

March 7, 2023

run taylor swift meaning

Taylor Swift's lyrics have always been a reflection of her life. Her songs reflect her thoughts on relationships, love, and other aspects of her life. In recent years, she has also taken her music into the political arena.

"Only the Young"

Taylor swift's song “Only the Young” has a very important message that is very relevant to today’s society. The song addresses issues like gun violence and school shootings. This song is one of the most politically charged songs of Swift’s career and critics have praised her lyricism on this subject.


Swift's new song, "Run," is a collaboration with Ed Sheeran. The two artists have been close friends for years and have collaborated on numerous songs. The two singers have even shared a performance together on Swift’s Speak Now tour.

In the song, Swift and Sheeran sing about two lovers who want to run away from everything and chase their own nirvana. The lyrics are very revealing and the duo's voices sound very beautiful together.

The song is a great addition to the album and it was written by Swift and Sheeran as far back as 2012. They decided to re-record it on her Red (Taylor’s Version) album, which was released in 2021.

Besides re-recording the song, Sheeran also re-rendered his voice on another track that was originally meant to be included on the original album: “Everything Has Changed.” The song is very sweet and it shows that they have a very strong relationship.


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