Taylor Swift Ivy Meaning

July 8, 2023


Taylor Swift Ivy Meaning

One of the songs on Taylor Swift's ninth studio album, evermore, is "Ivy". It is a song about an affair between a married woman and another woman. The song is also about the consequences of having an extramarital relationship. Check out the Taylor Swift Ivy meaning.

As the narrator of the song, she is a married woman who is in love with someone other than her husband. She is afraid that her lover will be killed or ruined. At the same time, she can't give him any support. In the lyrics, the narrator compares her affections to ivy growing on a stone house. Whenever she attempts to remove it, it grows back. This is a metaphor for her irresistible attachment to her lover.

Another line refers to the fact that the narrator and her lover live in a house of stone. Their relationship is unique. Having a house represents a unique trust. Another line refers to the fact that she has never been to her husband's grave. Her old widow visits it daily. Throughout the song, there are references to an imaginary dreamland. In "folklore" and "evermore", the house is a house of stone.

Another line in the lyrics refers to her being afraid that people will want to burn her house. This is one of the many times that the narrator is not able to protect her lover from her pain. The narrator is a metaphor for Taylor Swift's lover, who is also in the LGBTQ community. While the narrator can't stop her lover from coming out in her writing, she can't hide her own identity from her husband.


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