Taylor Swift Hoax Lyrics Meaning Song Review

February 13, 2023

taylor swift hoax lyrics meaning song review

taylor swift hoax lyrics meaning song review

When it comes to taylor swift, she's always at her best when she's singing with a sly wink. Her latest album, folklore, is no different. With its lyrical themes ranging from the supernatural to political, this sixteen-track project is sure to stir up the pot.

Getting to the heart of the matter: "mirrorball"

This is one of the most revealing songs on the album. It's about feeling at the mercy of everyone else and how they can make you feel like a complete stranger. It also carries the message that, in the end, you can't control anyone but yourself.

It's a little clunky, but it's still a powerful track. It's also the most upbeat on the album, so it works as an antidote to a lot of the other tracks that are dark and brooding.

What's more, it's a pretty good tune for a pop star to have on their list of top hits!

I'm a fan of this song and it's a strong contender for the album's title track. It's a simple but affecting love song that showcases Taylor's ability to evoke a wide range of emotions.

The song is backed by a beautiful guitar and string arrangement. It's also the first of the album's songs to feature multi-instrumentalist Aaron Dessner, who produced all but two of the 16 tracks on folklore.

The lyrics are as well-written and thoughtful as any other Taylor Swift song ever written. It's a great example of her ability to take an ordinary subject and use it to illustrate a point about life, love, or society in general.


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