Taylor Swift Betty Meaning - Is "Betty" About Her?

March 7, 2023

taylor swift betty meaning

After listening to her new album, taylor swift folklore, fans are trying to figure out what the lyrics of the songs really mean. One of these songs is "Betty" — and it's gotten a lot of speculation on its real meaning from fans all over the world.

taylor swift betty meaning

The song's lyrics narrate a story of unrequited love. But is the track about Taylor herself?

Some fans believe that the song is about a doomed relationship between Swift and someone she had a crush on in high school. Many also think it's about her best friend, supermodel Karlie Kloss.

taylor swift folklore lyrics

The songwriter used the names of her friends' children in some of the songs on her eighth studio album, namely James and Inez (the daughters of Ryan Reynolds and Blake Lively). This has led Swifties to speculate that James and Inez are the names of their kids, which is not surprising considering that she was a close friend of the couple's when they were still dating.

taylor swift songs about teen heartbreak

The three songs on her latest album, folklore, tell the story of a teenager's love triangle. They include "cardigan," "august," and "betty," with each song telling a different point of view of the relationship.

taylor swift's teen heartbreak

In addition to telling a tale about a doomed relationship, "Betty" is also an autobiographical song that tells the story of Swift's first love. It's not the first time that Taylor has written about her own love story — her most well-known song, "You Need to Calm Down," is about a woman she met while she was in high school.


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