Taylor Swift - Begin Again Meaning

March 7, 2023

Taylor Swift is known for her unique storytelling in her music. Her lyrics often speak about personal experiences, and she’s not afraid to dig deep into her own feelings.

Begin Again Meaning

"Begin Again" is the second single from her album Red. It was released on October 23rd, 2012. The song reached moderate success worldwide, becoming Swift's sixth top five hit in Canada and Australia, and her third in the US.

Its music video, shot in Paris, was directed by Philip Andelman and features Swift strolling around the city with a male love interest.

The song is a ballad that centers around an optimistic view of love and relationships. It focuses on the idea that love doesn't have to end in heartbreak, and that it can start again in unexpected places.

In the beginning, the narrator states that her previous relationship didn't work out well, even though she put her heart into it. However, she meets someone new who makes her feel appreciated and gives her hope for a fresh start.

The song is the closing track on her re-released version of Red, and is also one of the songs that she performed on her 2021 tour. Its chorus is a variation of the first line in her self-titled debut album, and is about the idea that it's best to start over, as opposed to staying stuck in a past that you regret.


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