Taylor Swift Albums - Meaning Behind the Lyrics

February 6, 2023

taylor swift chapters meaning

Taylor Swift has a knack for crafting lyrics that connect with her fans, especially those who are called “Swifties.” She writes about love and heartbreak, as well as famous people she's dated. Her songs are usually upbeat and catchy, but there's always a hidden meaning behind the lyrics that make them resonate with her fans.

Folklore – 2020

The country-pop star's eighth studio album, Folklore, came out in a surprise release in the fall of 2020, just after she was hit with the COVID-19 pandemic. It was a big change for the singer, who had been working with her producer Jack Antonoff on most of her albums, but this time she collaborated with Aaron Dessner to create a more experimental alternative style that was reminiscent of her first two solo albums.

Evermore – 2020

Another big shift in her career occurred with 2020's escapist alternative album, Evermore. It was a departure from her usual upbeat pop sound and featured American bands like Bon Iver, Haim, and The National on the record.

It also featured a lot of impressionistic storytelling and mythopoeia, which is a fancy word for "spiritual mythology." All these things influenced the album's sound, but it was also an artistic leap forward for the star.

The Albums

Despite a lot of negative criticism for her previous albums, Taylor Swift managed to earn a spot on Metacritic's coveted "Universal Acclaim" list with her latest release, Folklore. It's a great album that straddles the line between country and pop. It also includes some of the most popular songs in her catalog.


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