Tanya Thaxton Reid - Where is She Now?

February 27, 2024

tanya thaxton reid where is she now

The case of Tanya Thaxton Reid sparked national controversy when it was revealed that the Iowa nurse killed her infant son by smothering him. Although the story is incredibly disturbing and macabre, Reid’s story serves as an important reminder of how difficult it can be to differentiate between the loving bond between parent and child and deceitful actions that can cause harm.

Reid began her career as a nurse, earning admiration for her life-saving skills and ability to revive infants. However, her reputation quickly flipped from one of success to suspicion after she was involved in several incidents with her children. While some attributed her actions to Munchausen Syndrome by Proxy, others believed she intentionally caused her children’s injuries.

In 1984, Reid’s daughter Morgan died. Initially, doctors ruled her death as SIDS. But, when an autopsy later revealed brain damage consistent with shaken baby syndrome, it triggered a legal investigation. Eventually, Reid was charged with felony child endangerment.

During the trial, witnesses described seeing Reid feigning medical emergencies for her son Peter. They also recalled her using different names for her child and being overly calm when he suffered injuries. After the jury found her guilty, she was sentenced to ten years.

Today, Reid is serving her time in a Texas prison. While it is uncertain what she will do upon her release, she has many supporters who believe she deserves a second chance to prove her innocence.


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