Take Me to Church Song Meaning

July 30, 2023

When Irish singer-songwriter Andrew Hozier-Byrne released the song “Take Me to Church” in 2013, it was a major breakthrough for the musician. This debut single, a mid-tempo soul song, exploded on the music scene and caught the attention of indie label Rubyworks. It became a global hit and even made it into Spotify’s Billion Club, meaning that it was played more than a billion times on the streaming platform.

There are a lot of take me to church song meanings that can be derived from the lyrics, but it is important to note that this song is not about religion as a whole. In fact, Hozier’s rant against the church in this piece is specifically directed at the Catholic Church’s stance on homosexuality. It’s a critique of institutions that undermine some of the natural parts of humanity and in doing so, they also compromise the human experience.

In this stanza, Hozier makes the clear point that his lover is the light of his life. The genius wordplay here is that he’s using the words ‘light of his life’ to refer to her in both a spiritual and sexual sense. This is the first time we begin to see how this song has dual themes and can be interpreted as either a rejection of organized religion or a celebration of love.

This article is an excerpt from a larger piece on the “Take Me to Church” music video. Click here to read more!


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