Take Me to Church Meaning

August 25, 2023

Hozier’s song take me to church meaning is much more than a love song, it’s a rejection of organized religion. It’s a song of praise for his lover and also a warning to the churches and their anti-gay views. It’s a brilliant piece of wordplay and shows the two personalities in the song.

The first verse starts off with Hozier ranting against the ‘church’, and here ‘church’ refers to any institution that undermines some of the natural parts of being human. This could include any organization that oppresses people due to their sexuality. Hozier has said that this is especially true of the Catholic church and their anti-gay stance.

He goes on to say that if he was a pagan his god would be sunlight, and here again he is using a double meaning- sunlight as the sun but also as his lover. The last line of the first verse is a genius statement, “On my deathbed I’ll be with the only one I love.”

In 2014, the song was featured in a popular commercial for Beats headphones where NBA superstar LeBron James was shown visiting his hometown of Akron, Ohio and reminiscing about his childhood. This helped the song become a global hit. In Ireland it was number one and in the top ten in multiple other countries. It’s Hozier’s biggest song to date and is one of the most important songs for LGBTQ rights. It’s a beautiful and important song that deserves to be heard by everybody.


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