SZA Snooze Lyrics Meaning

November 23, 2023

SZA’s latest single, “Snooze,” is a beautiful and haunting love song. It showcases the singer’s emotional vulnerability and her desire to believe in good days. The song is a captivating and engaging piece of art, and it deserves all the recognition that it can get.

The lyrics of “Snooze” speak of SZA’s deep love for her lover. They describe how she feels for him and how he is her everything. The words convey her feelings of fear when she thinks of losing him or missing moments with him. In the bridge, SZA expresses her admiration for his body and abilities.

On the other hand, the song also reveals SZA’s frustrations and vulnerabilities when her lover lies to her or threatens to leave her. Nevertheless, she remains committed to be his everything. The chorus also features an intriguing vocal sample from Jacob Collier’s “Feel,” which further adds to the soothing and uplifting vibe of the track.

Sza’s ode to her toxic relationship receives a cinematic treatment in the official video. The visual was directed by Bradley J. Calder and stars SZA in a whirlwind of romantic moments. From intimate embraces in water to a teasing dance for actor Woody McClain (“Power II Book of Ghost,” “The Harder They Fall”), SZA romances several different men in this visual. The video also features an unexpected cameo by pop star Justin Bieber.

SZA’s SOS is the second album after her critically acclaimed debut Ctrl. The project delves into the complexities of toxic relationships and emphasizes the importance of self-reflection and the need to prioritize one’s mental health by establishing healthy boundaries.


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