Suteki - Japanese Meaning

March 8, 2023

suteki japanese meaning

Japanese meaning

Suteki is a word that means “wonderful, beautiful, delightful, or pleasant”. It comes from the phrase "su" from the Japanese phrase, Su Qing rashii which is translated to mean "splendid", "wonderful" or "magnificent". In other words, it can be used for anything that is lovely or pleasing.

A lot of times you may hear it in English as well, like when someone says, “You look great!”

This is also a common way to say something looks good or is suitable for someone. It can be used in both casual and business situations.

If you have a friend who is a really nice person, you can tell them they are suteki in Japanese. It's a nice way to show them that they are good at what they do or to say that they are very friendly and kind.

Another way you can say that someone is suteki in Japanese is to use the verb, "suteki iru" which can be pronounced as "soteki na iru". This can be used in a formal way or in a casual conversation.

Some people also use this word to say that something is kawaii (cute) in Japanese. It's a very common word to say in Japan, and it's not only a positive thing for girls, but for boys as well!

When someone is complimented in Japanese, it's usually a good idea to be polite and try to respond to the compliment. Sometimes, if you don't, it can be seen as condescending or as just not being humble. In most cases, it's better to respond with something like, "Yes, thank you," or to say that it suits them.


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